Friday, June 25, 2010

Father’s Day Weekend

This father’s day we got away for the weekend and left Shepherd with the grandparents, Cookie and Kimbo. This was Shepherd’s first time to stay the night away from home without his parents! Taylor and I left Friday afternoon and went to Dallas for a wedding. One of my Theta sisters, Evy, got married Saturday evening and had just a picture perfect wedding! We had such a great time seeing our old college friends and exploring downtown Dallas.

So how did Shepherd do? Great! Jack and Sawyer, my nephews, are less than a year older than Shepherd and he got to spend a lot of time playing with them. They actually spent most of their time fighting over Bob and Larry, Shepherd’s stuffed Veggie Tale characters. Shepherd was spoiled by his grandmother; he got lots of bottles and lots of yummy treats!

**Shepherd is eating a popsicle. He loved it and was being very silly!

**Shepherd with cousing Sawyer
On Sunday, Taylor and I were able to attend The Village Church and hear Matt Chandler preach. He was amazing! The worship was great also! Then we hit up the outlet malls in Allen, TX. Taylor got some new clothes for father’s day and we headed home.
During our car ride home, I asked Taylor what are the best things about being a Father and he gave me 3 things:
1. JOY! Shepherd brings so much joy to our lives! It is amazing watching him learn, grow, and discover. We are always amazed that we can just sit and stair at the little guy, and be so entertained. (Creepy!) It brings us joy to see how God can take two people and create our baby boy in our image, just as we are created in God’s image.
2. LEGACY! Taylor and I get to leave our legacy through Shepherd. The one way that we can truly impact our future is the legacy that we leave behind in our children. We want Shepherd to know, love, and serve Christ. We pray that God will send him a Godly wife, that he will get to have a family, and never experience divorce. We also talked about praying for the 5 generations that will follow us, hopefully we can leave a legacy that will affect our great great grandchildren.
3. FATHERHOOD! Taylor’s eyes have been opened by the father son relationship. Taylor’s understanding of God’s love for His children has grown, just as Taylor has grown in his love for Shepherd. For example, the first time Shepherd reached out for Taylor and embraced him with a hug, was a big deal! Taylor was so excited that his child wanted him and wanted to be held by him. Taylor later told me, that God feels the same way. God is so thrilled, so excited when we reach out to him, to pray, read our bible, or just be quiet and enjoy the comfort of our Father’s arms. There are many other “fatherhood” moments that have been revealed to Taylor through our little son, but I will let Taylor share those with us at a later time. :)
So overall, we had a great weekend and a nice father’s day. I am so thankful that Taylor is such a wonderful father to our son!

**The bride and groom with my Theta sisters

**Taylor at JFK Memorial

**Julia in downtown Dallas

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