Sunday, October 31, 2010

Small Group Party

On Halloween night, we had a party at our house for our high school small groups. We grilled hotdogs, ate smores, and played a lot of games. Two of our students shared their personal testimonies with the group on how Jesus Christ has changed their life. We had a great time with the kids and Shepherd enjoyed all of the attention.

Taylor and Cameron making homemade rootbeer. It was soooo yummy!

Luke and Jake are quite scary

Everyone dancing for our game

Some of the boys

Joy, Molly/Gypsy; Abby/Hannah Montana; Reagan/Flapper Girl

Hannah Montanna, Merideth Grey, & Daphne

Halloween Lunch

Today we went over to the Barnett home for a Halloween lunch. Christy is very talented at hosting parties and we had so much fun creating and eating all of her yummy scary treats. The kids had such a fun time making all the good treats.

The kids got to make witches hats by taking chocolate cookings and putting orange icing on the bottom of a hershy kiss.

Scary spider! I also forgot to get a picture of the eye-balls that the boys made. They were marshmellows with a red craison pupil in the center and the kids got to put red food coloring gel as veins in the eyes.

Shepherd and Taylor with the yummy punch. The kids also got to make popcorn hands. They put candy corn in each of the finger slots and filled the hand with popcorn. You can see and example on the edge of the punch.

Hostess with the Mostess! Jon and Christy with the bubbling punch.

Costume Party at Emelia’s

Taylor and I had a date night and went to a costume party at Emelia’s. Emelia’s is the only fancy restaurant in our small town and the only restaurant that has a bar in our dry county. They serve Mediterranean food and wonderful deserts. The party was put on by the restaurant but organized by one of our friends from church. The costume theme was “movie characters” and Taylor and I decided to be Princess Buttercup and Wesley from the Princess Bride.

Princess Buttercup and Lady Gaga, what a pair!

We had such a fun time at the party, dancing and enjoying good food. The best part of the night was the costume contest. Emelia’s gave out great prizes for the best costumes and they selected a winner for the best female, best male, and best couple.

Taylor and I won the best couple!! The picture above displays the costume winners and runner ups. We won two free movie tickets, a forty dollar gift card to Emelia’s, and a box of candy and popcorn. What a great date night! We came home with more money in our pocket than we spent.

Having fun with good friends, Josh and Laura Eldridge, or Borat and Lady Gaga.

Trick-Or-Treat Downtown

“Trick or Treat Downtown Siloam” is one of my most favorite events of the year. Hundreds of children trick or treat, door-to-door, to each of the stores and restaurants in downtown Siloam Springs. Siloam has the an adorable downtown and things just get better, when you add a bunch of cute kids in their Halloween costumes walking up and down the streets. This year Taylor was able to join me as we took Shepherd to this fun event. Shepherd loved getting the candy, he wanted to hold all of it in his hands and not keep any in his bag. We met up with the Mann family and enjoyed the perfect weather as we made the loop in our quaint downtown.

Faught Family having fun!

Savannah and Claire are the cutest bumble bees! Shepherd is such a scary dragon!

Shepherd is with his girlfriends; Savannah, Peyton, and Claire

Shep and his candy!

Shepherd with his best friend, Eli the Elephant. It was so cute, Eli spotted Shepherd from across the street and started pulling on his mom and shouting "Da, Da." She thought Eli saw someone who looked like his father, but it turned out he saw the Faught family before his mom did. What a smart little guy!

Shepherd was soooo happy to get a balloon!

View of the dragon from the back.

Shepherd was trying to climb the tree. Of course I did not get the picture of him hanging on the tree with both feet in the air. He is a climbing dragon!

Halloween at the Office

Every year The Right Solutions has its annual Halloween costume party and chili cook off. It is a huge event at the company and you are sure to have lots of laughs. Shepherd and I went up to the office to check out the contest and see who won.

Kathie and Joanna’s costumes were pretty awesome as underwear models.

But the winner was…..The Marketing Department!!!
Richard Simmons and his ladies Sweatin' to the Oldies!

Here is a group picture of all the amazing contestants.

Shepherd was not too sure about his daddy.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shepherd is Famous!

Look at this add, does someone look familiar? That is what I thought when I saw the add for Main Street Studio’s. Looks like someone else thought Shepherd was an adorable baby.

I cannot believe that this picture was taken one year ago today! Wow he has grown. It makes me a little sad to see how much he has changed. We got our picture made today at Main Street Studio’s for their Halloween special. I hope they turned out as cute as last years photos.

Here is a photo of Shepherd today, exactly one year later.

Shepherd’s First Accident

Shepherd had his first big accident last Wednesday. It was so sad! We went to the park to have a picnic lunch and meet my cousin Amy with her girls. Shepherd ran over to the swings and got hit by a big kid swinging extremely high. Shepherd was hit so hard and was flung to the ground. I have never been so scared for my poor baby. We came home and Shepherd cried for over an hour; he also would not walk. I cried along with my precious child. At first I was so upset over the fact that Shepherd could have been killed. He was hit so hard in the head and back, that some serious damage could have been done. But then I realize that God was with my baby and protected him. I then started crying even more out of thankfulness for the protection that the Lord provided him. I went ahead and took Shepherd to the doctors and got some x-rays taken. Thankfully Shepherd only had a sprained ankle, and he started walking on his hurt ankle about four days later. He is still having a little trouble with his ankle but he is back to his happy and silly self!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eye Spy Quilt

Shepherd’s grandmother, Ya Ya, made an amazing quilt for his first birthday. It is an eye spy quilt and Shep adores it. He keeps it on our ottoman during the day and sleeps with it at night. When I put the quilt in his bed at night, he grabs it and screams with delight. Shepherd loves playing eye spy and finding all of the items that I ask him to find. It amazes me how I can show him a character on the quilt just one time, and from then on he can find it. This is such a special gift and I know Shepherd will treasure it for years.


Guess what!!! The Faught family is getting a new family member! Shepherd is going to get a little brother and we will become a family of four. Hooray! Taylor and I are so excited to have another child, they are such a blessing. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and Buddy is scheduled to arrive on April 22nd. So far, the pregnancy has been wonderful. I was nauseous from week 4 through week 7, but starting my eighth week, I have felt great! Such a blessing!

We got Shepherd a baby doll and have started practicing loving on the baby. Shepherd has some extreme jealousy issues, so this new arrival will be quite interesting. Just a few nights ago, I was giving Shepherd and his little friend Eli a bath. Any time I would pour the water on Eli to rinse the soap off, Shepherd would scream. We are going to have a fun journey ahead of us.

We found out that we were having a boy at thirteen weeks; we were very surprised to find out so early. The morning before our ultra sound, I drank a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, and a cinnamon roll. The caffeine and sugar seemed to work because our little buddy gave us several clear shots that he was a “he”.

I am still pretty early to be feeling a lot of movement, but just the other night I was laying in bed and the train went by our house. As soon as the train pulled that horn and I heard a big "Choo, Choo" I could feel the baby jump in my tummy and do a flip. I learned two things about this little baby, he is not deaf and he likes trains. Taylor and I have a started the big discussion of coming up with a name and we cannot wait to meet this little guy!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lost in a Maze

Tonight we had a great time at the Ozark Corn Maze and Pumpkin patch. We went with some friends; the Bunkers, and the Tharps. Both of the couples have little boys that are the same age as Shepherd, so the boys had a blast! We started the night out with a picnic dinner from KFC. We then visited the petting zoo, took a hayride, hunted for pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, and got really lost in a huge corn maze. To add some competition to our night of fun, we split up by family to do the maze. The first couple to finish the maze would receive a free night of babysitting from each of the loosing couples. Taylor and I were rearing to go and really wanted to finish first! We need some date nights! Check out the pictures to see who finished the corn maze first!

Here is an view of the corn maze, yes, it is the shape of a Razorback! Gotta love Hog country!

Shep really loved the goats

Eli Tharp and a goat

Shepherd would only "baaa" at the pigs because he cannot make an "oink" noise yet.

Family pic at the pumpkin patch

Shepherd found some rocks, so he is happy!

Shepherd tried really hard to pick up each pumpkin. He didn't quite understand that they were all very heavy.

Daddy and his boy

The Faughts finished the corn maze first! Horay for two date nights!

The Tharps came in second place.

And last but not least, the Bunkers found their way out of the maze!

Taylor Turned 30 on 10-10-10!

Taylor has been talking about his 30th birthday for the past three years. He is not a birthday party kind of guy, but this year was different. We have been planning this party for over a year, and seriously, who turns thirty on 10-10-10! We decided to do a western themed party and throw a huge shin-dig! We had a western band, The Wranglers; we played fun games, and enjoyed yummy food. The party was an absolute blast! My parents were so kind and let us have the party at their house. We had about 70 of our friends and family join us for this fun event of dancing and fellowship. I am so very thankful to have such a wonderful husband and cannot wait to celebrate many more birthdays together.

Lindsay, Shay, Taylor, Julia, and Janice on the tractor!

Faughts and Waymires, our great friends from college!

Paul, Luke, Taylor and Ryan. Crazy Guys!

Everyone dancing! Love it!

My handsome cowboy!

Just blew out birthday candles!

Andy and Paul won the best dress award

Taylor getting a birthday kiss from Andy

Aunt Lu Lu singing karaoke, she was amazing!