Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Guess what!!! The Faught family is getting a new family member! Shepherd is going to get a little brother and we will become a family of four. Hooray! Taylor and I are so excited to have another child, they are such a blessing. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and Buddy is scheduled to arrive on April 22nd. So far, the pregnancy has been wonderful. I was nauseous from week 4 through week 7, but starting my eighth week, I have felt great! Such a blessing!

We got Shepherd a baby doll and have started practicing loving on the baby. Shepherd has some extreme jealousy issues, so this new arrival will be quite interesting. Just a few nights ago, I was giving Shepherd and his little friend Eli a bath. Any time I would pour the water on Eli to rinse the soap off, Shepherd would scream. We are going to have a fun journey ahead of us.

We found out that we were having a boy at thirteen weeks; we were very surprised to find out so early. The morning before our ultra sound, I drank a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, and a cinnamon roll. The caffeine and sugar seemed to work because our little buddy gave us several clear shots that he was a “he”.

I am still pretty early to be feeling a lot of movement, but just the other night I was laying in bed and the train went by our house. As soon as the train pulled that horn and I heard a big "Choo, Choo" I could feel the baby jump in my tummy and do a flip. I learned two things about this little baby, he is not deaf and he likes trains. Taylor and I have a started the big discussion of coming up with a name and we cannot wait to meet this little guy!

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