Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick-Or-Treat Downtown

“Trick or Treat Downtown Siloam” is one of my most favorite events of the year. Hundreds of children trick or treat, door-to-door, to each of the stores and restaurants in downtown Siloam Springs. Siloam has the an adorable downtown and things just get better, when you add a bunch of cute kids in their Halloween costumes walking up and down the streets. This year Taylor was able to join me as we took Shepherd to this fun event. Shepherd loved getting the candy, he wanted to hold all of it in his hands and not keep any in his bag. We met up with the Mann family and enjoyed the perfect weather as we made the loop in our quaint downtown.

Faught Family having fun!

Savannah and Claire are the cutest bumble bees! Shepherd is such a scary dragon!

Shepherd is with his girlfriends; Savannah, Peyton, and Claire

Shep and his candy!

Shepherd with his best friend, Eli the Elephant. It was so cute, Eli spotted Shepherd from across the street and started pulling on his mom and shouting "Da, Da." She thought Eli saw someone who looked like his father, but it turned out he saw the Faught family before his mom did. What a smart little guy!

Shepherd was soooo happy to get a balloon!

View of the dragon from the back.

Shepherd was trying to climb the tree. Of course I did not get the picture of him hanging on the tree with both feet in the air. He is a climbing dragon!

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