Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costume Party at Emelia’s

Taylor and I had a date night and went to a costume party at Emelia’s. Emelia’s is the only fancy restaurant in our small town and the only restaurant that has a bar in our dry county. They serve Mediterranean food and wonderful deserts. The party was put on by the restaurant but organized by one of our friends from church. The costume theme was “movie characters” and Taylor and I decided to be Princess Buttercup and Wesley from the Princess Bride.

Princess Buttercup and Lady Gaga, what a pair!

We had such a fun time at the party, dancing and enjoying good food. The best part of the night was the costume contest. Emelia’s gave out great prizes for the best costumes and they selected a winner for the best female, best male, and best couple.

Taylor and I won the best couple!! The picture above displays the costume winners and runner ups. We won two free movie tickets, a forty dollar gift card to Emelia’s, and a box of candy and popcorn. What a great date night! We came home with more money in our pocket than we spent.

Having fun with good friends, Josh and Laura Eldridge, or Borat and Lady Gaga.


  1. where did you find the gorgeous dress for princess buttercup??? :)

  2. Would princess buttercup be interested in selling her dress? :)

  3. I loved your unique and creative costumes and had to add you to my round-up, “87 Creative Halloween Couples Costumes” ( Thanks for being awesome and Happy Halloween from The Dating Divas xox