Thursday, March 15, 2012

June 27-28: Visit from the Panzino's

Some great college friends of ours, Meggan and Blake Panzino, came up to Arkansas for a quick visit. We showed them around Siloam Springs and spent a day at the lake.

Meggan is enjoying the sunset and 20 weeks pregnant in this picture. She has such a cute and tiny baby bump!

Shepherd is enjoying the attention from Blake. Eating lunch on the lake, Shepherd is taking his seat with him.

June 13-18: Family Reunion at the Buffalo River

Taylor’s family organized a family reunion to the Buffalo River, June 13th-18th. We loaded up the family and canoes and headed to the woods. Taylor and I love being outside and enjoy the beautiful Arkansas terrain. This trip ignited our passion for the outdoors and gave us a desire to take advantage of the beautiful parks, rivers, and trails in the Natural State. Here are some picture that capture our fun week!

We made it to the top with both babies! Success!
Summit enjoyed the hike, a.k.a. his nap

Shepherd and Dad are so strong!
Our hiking buddies, Lindsay and Jesse

All of the kids after the water buffalo hunt, Emma found the water buffalo!

Family Picture

Skit night, Shepherd is steeling the show!

Enjoying the River

Notice the progression: Where did my rock go?

Anther family hike, I am not pregnant, Summit is just hiding.

Shepherd's first cave

Looks like we wore the little guy out

June 11-12: Lake Weekend with Family

We enjoyed another peaceful weekend at the lake with family. The cousins loved swimming together and boating.

Shepherd and Summit are waiting for Daddy to get home, they are ready for the lake!

Mimi and Shepherd driving the boat. Shepherd wants to always be in the driver's seat. I wonder what this will hold for my little lion's future! Cousins on the boat

Shepherd caught this fish with his Mickey Mouse pole all on his own! Needless to say, the fish won and the pole lost.

June 4-5 2011: Lake with the Bunkers

To kick off the month we headed to the lake with some dear friends of ours, Donnie and Savannah Bunker. This was our second annual trip and we had a great time. The men went golfing on the lake and the ladies enjoyed the sun. Cooper and Shepherd had a great time playing together and swimming in the lake, and sweet Summit just slept a lot.

Summit and Mommy

Cooper and Shepherd

Here is a picture of Cooper and Shepherd from last year. These boys have grown!

Breakfast on the porch

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summit 2 Months Old: June 2011

Summit at 2 months:
-Still wakes up every two to three hours at night
-Still co-sleeping
-Very hot natured like his mother. Every time he wakes up, his hair is soaking from sweat.
-Likes the swing

This is Summit's first smile while awake. (8 weeks old) I can't believe I got it on film!

8 weeks old

9 weeks old

10 weeks old

June 2011

June was the busiest month in 2011, we went out of town every single weekend, and once during the week! I became an expert at packing and unpacking and hauling a toddler and newborn around. It was a lot of fun, but it sure wore me out! Here are some pictures that capture our month.

Savannah loves holding baby Summit

Enjoying strawberry's fresh from garden

Shepherd spent most of his time in his pool.

Summit spent most of his time, sleeping on the swing in his car seat.

Happy Father's Day!

We spent most evenings in the front yard playing ball with the neighbor kids.

Little artist!

Story time at Pour Jons Coffee shop with friends!

I caught Shepherd red-handed! He took my piggy bank and broke it!

Rainy day in June for a little pirate!

Garden - May 2011

This year we planted a garden in raised beds. Here is how the garden looks for the month of May! I was totally surprised at how well everything grew. Shepherd loved the strawberry’s, they are his favorite food! He would raid the garden every morning and eat every berry he could find!

Memorial Day Weekend - May 2011

We celebrated our Memorial Day weekend at Grand Lake with the family. We love spending time at the lake and Shepherd sure loves to swim, ride on the boat and now fish!

Shepherd and Sawyer holding hands and eating a snack

Shepherd caught his very first fish! Not sure why he is crying.

Proud Dad with his little fisherman

There was a terrible tornado that just missed our lake house the week before. Many of our neighbors lost parts of their homes and boat docs. We were very blessed!

Happy Boy!

Shepherd's Second Birthday - May 21st 2011

Shepherd celebrated his second birthday at our house with family and friends. He had a Thomas the Train party and loved every minute of it! Here are some picture of our fun day!

Birthday boy enjoying snacks!

Happy Birthday Shepherd! We love you!

Yaya and Summit

Jack and Shepherd enjoying his car.

Swimming with Aunt Lu Lu and second cousins.

Already splashing the girls!

Shepherd is enjoying story time with his cousins.