Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sum·mit [suhm-it] By Taylor Faught

In a previous post, A Summit of My Own, I told how God soverignly moved in our lives to bring about our second son, Summit. Well, that was only the first part of the story. The rest of the story is how we came up with, or rather how we were given, the name Summit.

Selecting a boy name has never been an easy task for the Faught family. We went round and round with our first child before settling on Shepherd. The second time around the block proved to be no different, as we went back and forth over names for five solid months. The big dilemma revolved around the fact that I like different names such as Shepherd, Titus, or Holland. Julia goes in the exact opposite direction and prefers traditional southern names such as John, David, William, Charles, Fred, or George. Okay, maybe not Fred or George, but you get the picture. After much debate, like congress trying to settle on the budget, we had no results. So, unannounced to each other, we individually began praying that God would show us a name.

God soon began to answer our prayers. One morning Julia informed me about one of her dreams. In her dream, our baby’s name was Summit. I thought the name Summit was a little too weird and did not favor the name to start. I mean, is Summit really even a name? Three weeks later Julia had a second dream and the baby’s name was, once again, Summit. Poor traditional southern Julia laid awake in the early morn shocked and frightened by the implications of the second dream and this name that seemed to come from two miles past left field.

Right after Julia’s second dream, I woke up with stomach pains and woke up to an unusually wide awake wife. In attempt to shake off the illness, I pleaded to Julia like a two-year old named Shepherd for something small to eat. Lucky for me, Julia obliged! As we ate breakfast, we discussed the second dream more in-depth and really began to consider the name Summit. Julia eventually declared all she wanted was one more sign from God and his name would be Summit, whether we liked it or not!

Five minutes later at approximately 5:00am in the morning and totally out of our normal routine (Julia is never up that early) we flipped on the TV (again we never watch TV in the morning) to Channel 5 News. Much to our absolute dismay, the first thing out of the newscaster’s mouth was, “Summit Medical Center will be having a blood drive today…”. Upon hearing this sentence we slowly turned our heads away from the TV and to each other. I wish you could have seen Julia’s face and I know she wishes you could have seen mine.

It is crazy to look back and see how God soverignly brought us Summit, but even crazier to see how God used two dreams and newscaster from Channel 5 to give us his name. No hiking trip or human plan was going to prevent God from giving us our second child and without a question, God wanted his name to be Summit. In light of the series of events surrounding Summit’s birth and his name, Julia and I can’t help but wonder what God has planned for this child. We have no idea what it will be, but taking a hint from the definition of his name we know it will be great. We are truly blessed to have Summit and we can not wait to see what kind of man he becomes.


1. the highest point or part, as of a hill, a line of travel, or any object; top; apex.

2. the highest point of attainment or aspiration: the summit of one’s ambition.

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