Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Camping Trip - May 2011

Taylor and I love to camp! We enjoy the outdoors and sleeping under the stars. We decided to introduce camping to Shepherd this month before it gets too hot. We set the tent up in the living room and let him play in it for several days. We got camping books from the library and read what camping was all about. And then we planned a big camping trip! Friday night, Shepherd and Daddy were going to camp in the backyard! Shepherd was very excited and here are some pictures that capture our evening.

Shepherd and Daddy roasting hot dogs

Now it is time for smores!

Shepherd's favorite: Sitting in the tent eating Cheeto's

Taylor and Shepherd did not make it through the night. They actually only lasted 25 minutes in the backyard. Shepherd was so excited that he could not go to sleep. He just wanted to jump on his daddy in the tent. We put him to bed and he was out immediately!

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