Wednesday, March 14, 2012

May 2011

May arrived, bringing beautiful weather after the long and cold winter. Here are some pictures that capture the month!

A dear friend, Sarah Barnett Pense, kicked off the month with a beautiful wedding. We are so excited for her and Jason.

My little sister Ali graduated college, we are so proud of you!

Mimi and Summit at graduation.

Shepherd started showing interest in potty training so the adventure began. He was just a week shy of his second birthday when we started training. The very first day of potty training went like this: I put Shepherd out in the backyard, diaper free and explained to him that he could go pee pee in the grass. I turned my back on him, heard him run in the house and ran in to get him As I opened the door, I heard him say, "poo poo mama" and when I stepped in the house, I felt my foot squish upon the carpet. Yuck! I was very thankful that I had shoes on and that I own a good steam vac!

Shepherd was growing very fond of his new brother.
Shepherd is reading to Summit.
My good friend Annie had her little girl Charlotte, she is a little miracle baby!
Summit looks comfortable in brothers arms.
Met Daddy for lunch and enjoyed a spin on the merry go round.
Shepherd sure loves his daddy!
Daddy's little helper! Let the mowing season begin!

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