Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Summit’s Birth Story

Summit’s due date was April 22nd, but he decided to surprise us and come two weeks early! Several days before Summit arrived, I started have mild contractions. They would be about 10 minutes apart for several hours and then stop. This happened with Shepherd, so I was much more prepared this time around. (No false trips to the hospital with Summit.) My babies like to tease me, I get all excited thinking I am going into labor, then I take a bath or go to sleep and they are gone.

Friday morning I woke up about 4:30am with contractions again, they started to get closer together and I knew it was time! I took a shower, washed my hair, and did my makeup. At about 5:30am, Taylor woke up, saw me getting ready and knew we were going to the hospital. We dropped Shepherd off at my sister’s house and arrived at the hospital around 7am.

When I got checked in, I was already dilated to a five, and my contractions were bearable. I am an epidural kind of girl, and there was not an anesthesiologist available to give the magic shot. We got checked into a room and had a peaceful time visiting with my mom and dad. As the contractions progressed, I was able to pray through them and tolerate the pain.

Around 9:30am they checked me again and I was at dilated to a 7 or 8. The anesthesiologist was still tied up in surgery and my hopes of an epidural were dwindling. Taylor and I were okay with this news, although a natural birth was not in our plans, but my mother freaked out! She could not handle seeing me in pain and she started putting pressure on the nurse to find someone NOW! Finally, a nurse anesthetist was released from surgery and gave me the shot. After the second try, she thought she got it, but the pain did not go away. They gave me an epidural pump and told me to hit the button every 15 minutes up to four times to increase the dosage amount. Hoping the epidural would kick in we followed instructions. By this point I was dilated to a 9 and almost ready to have our baby. The epidural finally kicked in, but it was actually to powerful and I had zero feeling in the lower half of my body and the contractions slowed down. After waiting until 10:50am with no progress, I consulted with my doctor. I told him I was really hungry and wanted to have this baby so I could eat lunch by 11:30a. He laughed and thought that was a great plan so we hooked up some pitocin. Our nurse had left the room to deliver the baby next door, so my doctor checked me after ten minutes on the pitocin and said it was time to push. He left the room to find a nurse, and Summit’s heart rate plummeted. I started screaming and sent my mom to get the Doctor. He ran in and told me to push really hard! After one long hard push, Summit arrived! He was perfect and so tiny! And yes, I did get to eat lunch at 11:30am like I wanted to. :)

David Summit Faught arrived into this world April 8th, 2011 at 11:12am, 19.25 inches long, weighing 6lbs 9oz.

Proud parents of our precious Summit

Last prego picture taken of me at the hospital before delivery, and look at that tiny bundle!

Daddy sported his Summit shirt on D-day!

Proud Dad of two handsome sons!

First family picture

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