Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meeting Bob & Larry

The previous post was to give a little insight on Shepherd’s cute, but unhealthy obsession with Bob and Larry, the tomato and cucumber, from Veggie Tales.

This morning was a very exciting day for Shepherd! He got to meet Bob and Larry! They were visiting the Chick-fil-A in Rogers, and we could not miss this opportunity! We were very interested to see what Shepherd’s reactions to the life-size characters would be.

Can you tell by the pictures?

PURE EXCITEMENT!!!! SHEPHERD WAS SO HAPPY!!!! a little shy since Mom put me down!

Shepherd, Larry, and Julia

We could not get a single picture of Shepherd looking at the camera because he was so facinated with Bob & Larry

Family Pic

Taylor and Shepherd waving good bye

Shepherd on the playground, what a big boy!

Taylor and Shepherd coming down the slide! Taylor is such a good father, he climbed up the entire playground tunnel system with Shepherd.

We finished our afternoon with a nice lunch at PF Changs, Taylor's favorite! Shepherd is eating is first fortune cookie, it said, "Emotions are sweet and sour." I would say that is pretty true with a fourteen month old!

We wore the little guy out!

Veggie Tale Obsession

Taylor’s mother, Ya Ya, introduced Shepherd to Veggie Tales, she bought him a Bob and Larry stuffed vegetable. Shepherd has formed an unhealthy, but cute, obsession with his Bob and Larry. They go everywhere with us! To the store, in the car, and he even has to sleep with them. The other day, I was in the back yard hosing down a new, but very used, car seat for Shepherd. I was using the water hose to clean all of the food that was imbedded in every crack and crevice of the car seat, left there by its previous owner. (Yuck!) Shepherd, Bob, & Larry were playing on his slide while I was cleaning. I turned around and Shep had Bob and Larry on a chair and he was spraying them with the water hose, then he started to spray himself. I let him enjoy his fun, but by the time I finished cleaning, all three of them were fully soaked and covered in freshly cut grass. I tried to just bring Shepherd in the house to wash the grass off of him in the kitchen sink, but he would not part with his stuffed vegetables. So instead of causing a meltdown, I put all three of them in the kitchen sink and sprayed them clean. It was time for Shepherd to go down for his nap and I was not about to put two very wet and disgusting vegetables in his crib, now the big meltdown began. Shepherd cried for a while but eventually went to sleep. I was able to put Bob and Larry in the washing machine and I thought we were in the clear!
Taylor then came home from work and Shep woke up from his afternoon nap. Shepherd could care less about greeting his father, he was only saying, “Bob, Bob, Bob” and wandering around the house looking for Bob and Larry. I got them out of the washing machine and the little guy was thrilled! Taylor came into the kitchen and talked to me for less than 5 minutes, and I realized that I did not hear Shepherd! I told Taylor to please go find him. Well, I guess Shepherd had such a fun time getting a bath in the kitchen sink with Bob & Larry that he decided to give them a bath in the toilet. The bathroom floor was covered with toilet water and Bob & Larry were soaked once again! After the second meltdown of the day, Bob & Larry got to visit the washing machine once again, and get washed and dried just in time for bedtime!

Shep, Bob, & Larry are ready for bed!

Random Pony Night

Tuesday night was very interesting at the Faught home. Taylor came home from work and told me to go look outside! There were two tiny ponies in our cul-de-sac giving rides. Our neighbor, Anna, was having her birthday party and her dad rented miniature ponies. Shepherd was very excited and he got to ride both of them! (Ponies came from "Razzle Dazzle Rides" Miniature Carriage & Horseback Rides, 479-427-0034 or 479-936-1087)

Shepherd was not sure if he liked it

Can you believe that little horse could pull that buggy?

We finished the night with a little spaghetti; Shepherd was starving due to the delayed dinner. He ate almost an entire can of green beans and really enjoyed the spaghetti!

Spaghetti is good!


Now I am a mess!

All Done!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Girls Get-A-Way

Last weekend was so much fun! We decided to have a girl’s night out at the lake. My sisters; Melanie, Dana, and I all have summer birthdays, so we decided to just have a lake night in honor of our birthdays. Last Friday was the only day in the summer that we were all free, so we took advantage of it. Now that we all have children, it is really difficult to have an uninterrupted conversation. We have not had a girl’s get-a-way in over six years. We love having our children around, but as you know, you have to keep an eye on them at all times, which means you can never give your full attention to the adult you are talking to. We were sad that our little sister Ali could not join us, but the 100 degree heat, the lake, a newborn, and a C-Section do not mix well.

Friday night we arrived at the lake, got on the boat, and parked at the new Marina right across the lake from our house. It is a 5 minute boat ride to the Marina, but in the car it would take about one hour and twenty minutes driving! We had a limo waiting on us to take us to our restaurant, Shebang’s.

Melanie, Dana, Julia, & Ellie in the Limo
(In the Limo, Ellie decided that she wanted to rename her Grandmother "Cupcake", so mom is no longer going to be called Mi Mi, she is now Cupcake!

Cupcake, Mel, and Dana

The restaurant provides a free limo service to all of their customers who come by boat. Shebang’s is a very colorful restaurant with great food. I ordered the Cajun shrimp and crawfish fondue, it was fabulous! Ellie, my niece, came with us and she was an angel through our entire meal, we almost forgot she was there! We drove the boat home and enjoyed the rest of our evening talking in our PJs. I was really excited about the birthday gift I got Melanie; I turned her blog into a book. This is what I hope to do with my blog at the end of the year. It was so quick and easy!

On Saturday, our husbands and children joined us. Here are some pictures from the lake.

Sawyer's first fish with his dad!

Cousins on the couch

Ellie is getting a baby cousin sandwich! They both adore her!

Uncle Taylor and Ellie dancing on the tube

Ellie and Taylor tubing

Look, no hands!
(Ok, so we may not have been pulling them behind a boat, but it sure looks like it!)

Family pic on the boat

Sawyer LOVES driving the boat with Kimbo

Shepherd loves to honk the horn

At the Marina having lunch and Shepherd is tickled that he gets to eat french fries

Boy this is so much fun!!!!

Aichele family picture; Clint, Melanie, Sawyer, and baby on the way!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Visit from the Newlyweds

Over July 17th & 18th, Taylor’s sister Reagan and her new husband Jared, spent a relaxing weekend with us in Arkansas. We spent the weekend hanging out, enjoying good food, and staying in the air conditioning, boy was it a hot weekend! We did get to go see a great movie, Inception, and have a cookout with the Mann family. It was so nice to have a restful weekend with good company!

Shep is trying to cool down in the igloo

Is that your pirate face??? Or are you not very photogenic?

Amy, Julia, Clair-6 months old

Summer Fun!

Happy Birthday Carsen!

I am still a little behind on my blog post, but I was able to spend a weekend down in Russelville, AR while my little sister Ali delivered the most beautiful baby boy, Carsen Silas Gadberry. Carsen was born on 7/09/10 at 8:27 PM, 6lbs 11oz and 21".

This makes 5 little boy cousins among my sisters and we have one more boy on the way. (Clint and Melanie are having a little boy in November.) Poor Ellie is the only girl cousin. Shepherd deleted all of my pictures of Carsen from my camera, so here are some beautiful pictures of the little guy:

(Note to self: Do not let a one year old play with your digital camera, yes, it is possible for him to delete four months of photos that had not been downloaded yet, yes, I know it's my fault.)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Johnson-Faught Wedding

Wow! July has really flown by! This has been such a busy month; sorry I am behind on my post.

The Fourth of July weekend was such a busy and exciting weekend. Taylor’s little sister, Reagan, got married in downtown Oklahoma City, “Bricktown”. She married an amazing man, Jared Johnson, and we are so happy for them!

The wedding was picture perfect! Everything was so beautiful and the ceremony truly honored the Lord. Even the dancing was awesome!

Taylor and I hired one of our high school youth girls (Griffin) to come with us and baby-sit for the weekend and she was such a blessing. We were able to attend the rehearsal dinner and wedding without having to worry about Shepherd. (We would have loved to take Shep with us but both events took place past his bedtime and he would not have been a happy camper.) Shepherd was able to get pictures made with the beautiful bride and wish his Auntie Rae good luck before she walked down the isle.

The day after the wedding we were able to have a Fourth of July cook out/pool party and visit with all of the family members and friends that came in town for the wedding.

We pray blessings over Reagan and Jared and cannot wait to see the amazing things that God has in store for them and their ministry.

Here are some great pictures from the fabulous wedding!

The wedding and reception was at the OKC Farmer's Market.

Pope family at the rehearsal dinner, Jane is animated as always!

Uncle Joe and Aunt Carla, our wonderful family from California

The bride striking a pose, practicing for all of the wedding pics! :) Isn't her dress beautiful?

It takes three of us to dress a wiggly one year old

Family Picture!

BIG GRIN from Shepherd!

Dad and Shepherd both have their matching suits and matching converse!

My one-year old!

A beautiful wedding!

Daddy-Daughter Dance!

Reagan is beautiful!

So Precious!