Thursday, July 29, 2010

Girls Get-A-Way

Last weekend was so much fun! We decided to have a girl’s night out at the lake. My sisters; Melanie, Dana, and I all have summer birthdays, so we decided to just have a lake night in honor of our birthdays. Last Friday was the only day in the summer that we were all free, so we took advantage of it. Now that we all have children, it is really difficult to have an uninterrupted conversation. We have not had a girl’s get-a-way in over six years. We love having our children around, but as you know, you have to keep an eye on them at all times, which means you can never give your full attention to the adult you are talking to. We were sad that our little sister Ali could not join us, but the 100 degree heat, the lake, a newborn, and a C-Section do not mix well.

Friday night we arrived at the lake, got on the boat, and parked at the new Marina right across the lake from our house. It is a 5 minute boat ride to the Marina, but in the car it would take about one hour and twenty minutes driving! We had a limo waiting on us to take us to our restaurant, Shebang’s.

Melanie, Dana, Julia, & Ellie in the Limo
(In the Limo, Ellie decided that she wanted to rename her Grandmother "Cupcake", so mom is no longer going to be called Mi Mi, she is now Cupcake!

Cupcake, Mel, and Dana

The restaurant provides a free limo service to all of their customers who come by boat. Shebang’s is a very colorful restaurant with great food. I ordered the Cajun shrimp and crawfish fondue, it was fabulous! Ellie, my niece, came with us and she was an angel through our entire meal, we almost forgot she was there! We drove the boat home and enjoyed the rest of our evening talking in our PJs. I was really excited about the birthday gift I got Melanie; I turned her blog into a book. This is what I hope to do with my blog at the end of the year. It was so quick and easy!

On Saturday, our husbands and children joined us. Here are some pictures from the lake.

Sawyer's first fish with his dad!

Cousins on the couch

Ellie is getting a baby cousin sandwich! They both adore her!

Uncle Taylor and Ellie dancing on the tube

Ellie and Taylor tubing

Look, no hands!
(Ok, so we may not have been pulling them behind a boat, but it sure looks like it!)

Family pic on the boat

Sawyer LOVES driving the boat with Kimbo

Shepherd loves to honk the horn

At the Marina having lunch and Shepherd is tickled that he gets to eat french fries

Boy this is so much fun!!!!

Aichele family picture; Clint, Melanie, Sawyer, and baby on the way!

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