Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Carsen!

I am still a little behind on my blog post, but I was able to spend a weekend down in Russelville, AR while my little sister Ali delivered the most beautiful baby boy, Carsen Silas Gadberry. Carsen was born on 7/09/10 at 8:27 PM, 6lbs 11oz and 21".

This makes 5 little boy cousins among my sisters and we have one more boy on the way. (Clint and Melanie are having a little boy in November.) Poor Ellie is the only girl cousin. Shepherd deleted all of my pictures of Carsen from my camera, so here are some beautiful pictures of the little guy:

(Note to self: Do not let a one year old play with your digital camera, yes, it is possible for him to delete four months of photos that had not been downloaded yet, yes, I know it's my fault.)

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