Thursday, July 1, 2010

What is new this week?

We have had a very busy week, Taylor’s little sister Reagan is getting married on July 3rd in downtown Oklahoma City. We have been working on wedding stuff all week long. What’s new with Shepherd this week? If I ask him, “What sound does a puppy make?” he goes, “woof, woof.” Shepherd has also discovered my belly button. If I ask him to show me his belly button, he will pull up my shirt and point to my “Bee Bo”. (Bee Bo is the term Sandra Boynton uses in her “Belly Button Book”; this is one of our favorite books at the moment.) He hasn’t quite figured out that he has a belly button also. This morning, we were singing one of his favorite songs, “The Wheels on the Bus”, while he was eating breakfast, and Shepherd wanted out of his high chair. I got him down and he disappeared into his bedroom. I heard some digging in his toy box, and he pulled out his “Wheels on the Bus” book and brought it to me. Man, he is smart!
Yesterday, I was quite shocked by my little man’s sinful nature. We were about to walk out the door to do some shopping and he grabbed my cell phone ear buds. I told him to give them to me, and he looked at me, started laughing, and ran off. I grabbed him up and looked at him and explained that running from Momma is a no no. Shepherd looked into my eyes and blew a raspberry!! (Per wikipedia – the definition of blowing a raspberry is: made by sticking out the tongue between the lips and blowing to make a sound reminiscent of flatulence) Then, he started laughing!!! I was shocked! So I then proceed to explain to him, that is bad and a no no. Then, the little guy, reached over to bite me! Wow, three acts of disobedience all within a minute. So then he received a consequence, which proceeded with crying. It is pretty unbelievable how such a sweet little innocent baby has such a sinful nature. I guess we all have that side to us, but as adults, we learn self control.
Despite the wedding craft projects and shopping trips, Shepherd has been able to have a little fun. Here are some pictures of our week!

**Shepherd trying on his suit for the wedding. Isn't he handsome!

**"Or should I wear this tie?"

Shepherd got to play in the puddles, his favorite!


**Shepherd and Paisley playing together

**Shepherd discovered the igloo doghouse

**I had to put this one on here, Taylor just texted me this picture from work. This is Taylor's fourth of July outfit!

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  1. Hi, Julia! I stumbled across your blog and can't help but ooh ahh over Shepherd pictures.