Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meeting Bob & Larry

The previous post was to give a little insight on Shepherd’s cute, but unhealthy obsession with Bob and Larry, the tomato and cucumber, from Veggie Tales.

This morning was a very exciting day for Shepherd! He got to meet Bob and Larry! They were visiting the Chick-fil-A in Rogers, and we could not miss this opportunity! We were very interested to see what Shepherd’s reactions to the life-size characters would be.

Can you tell by the pictures?

PURE EXCITEMENT!!!! SHEPHERD WAS SO HAPPY!!!! a little shy since Mom put me down!

Shepherd, Larry, and Julia

We could not get a single picture of Shepherd looking at the camera because he was so facinated with Bob & Larry

Family Pic

Taylor and Shepherd waving good bye

Shepherd on the playground, what a big boy!

Taylor and Shepherd coming down the slide! Taylor is such a good father, he climbed up the entire playground tunnel system with Shepherd.

We finished our afternoon with a nice lunch at PF Changs, Taylor's favorite! Shepherd is eating is first fortune cookie, it said, "Emotions are sweet and sour." I would say that is pretty true with a fourteen month old!

We wore the little guy out!

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