Saturday, July 31, 2010

Veggie Tale Obsession

Taylor’s mother, Ya Ya, introduced Shepherd to Veggie Tales, she bought him a Bob and Larry stuffed vegetable. Shepherd has formed an unhealthy, but cute, obsession with his Bob and Larry. They go everywhere with us! To the store, in the car, and he even has to sleep with them. The other day, I was in the back yard hosing down a new, but very used, car seat for Shepherd. I was using the water hose to clean all of the food that was imbedded in every crack and crevice of the car seat, left there by its previous owner. (Yuck!) Shepherd, Bob, & Larry were playing on his slide while I was cleaning. I turned around and Shep had Bob and Larry on a chair and he was spraying them with the water hose, then he started to spray himself. I let him enjoy his fun, but by the time I finished cleaning, all three of them were fully soaked and covered in freshly cut grass. I tried to just bring Shepherd in the house to wash the grass off of him in the kitchen sink, but he would not part with his stuffed vegetables. So instead of causing a meltdown, I put all three of them in the kitchen sink and sprayed them clean. It was time for Shepherd to go down for his nap and I was not about to put two very wet and disgusting vegetables in his crib, now the big meltdown began. Shepherd cried for a while but eventually went to sleep. I was able to put Bob and Larry in the washing machine and I thought we were in the clear!
Taylor then came home from work and Shep woke up from his afternoon nap. Shepherd could care less about greeting his father, he was only saying, “Bob, Bob, Bob” and wandering around the house looking for Bob and Larry. I got them out of the washing machine and the little guy was thrilled! Taylor came into the kitchen and talked to me for less than 5 minutes, and I realized that I did not hear Shepherd! I told Taylor to please go find him. Well, I guess Shepherd had such a fun time getting a bath in the kitchen sink with Bob & Larry that he decided to give them a bath in the toilet. The bathroom floor was covered with toilet water and Bob & Larry were soaked once again! After the second meltdown of the day, Bob & Larry got to visit the washing machine once again, and get washed and dried just in time for bedtime!

Shep, Bob, & Larry are ready for bed!

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