Monday, October 11, 2010

Silly Shepherd

Shepherd is currently sixteen months old and he is so silly! He is starting to be a ham and really wants to entertain us. He still gets into everything and is constantly moving. If he is just sitting still in your lap, you can guarantee that is little foot will be bouncing. Shepherd is a lot like his daddy in many ways.

Just last week, Taylor fell asleep on the couch while I was getting dinner ready. Shepherd climbed up on the couch and sat on top of Taylor. When that did not wake Taylor up, Shepherd proceeded to sit on his father’s face and bounce up and down. Shep was giggling the entire time. He then decided to lay his belly on Taylor’s face and roll down his father. Taylor was not very happy, but I got the biggest kick out of it! My husband is always up to something and he never passes up an opportunity to pester or play a trick on someone. I have a feeling that Shepherd is going to give Taylor a good taste of his own medicine, in the years to come. I am so blessed to have these two men in my life that will always keep me laughing.

Shepherd loves a bubble bath!
Another short Shepherd story: Just last week I was in a hurry to be somewhere and was trying to fix my hair and do my makeup. I left Shepherd in the living room to play, while I was back in my bathroom. When finished, I came into the living room to find Shepherd sweetly playing with his toys. Later that afternoon, I was cleaning the house, only to discover little Shepherd footprints all over my dining room table! I was in complete shock that he was able to climb up on the table, walk around, and get down without falling off. I wonder what else he does while I am in another room.

Shepherd is cleaning the house before bed

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