Friday, October 29, 2010

Shepherd’s First Accident

Shepherd had his first big accident last Wednesday. It was so sad! We went to the park to have a picnic lunch and meet my cousin Amy with her girls. Shepherd ran over to the swings and got hit by a big kid swinging extremely high. Shepherd was hit so hard and was flung to the ground. I have never been so scared for my poor baby. We came home and Shepherd cried for over an hour; he also would not walk. I cried along with my precious child. At first I was so upset over the fact that Shepherd could have been killed. He was hit so hard in the head and back, that some serious damage could have been done. But then I realize that God was with my baby and protected him. I then started crying even more out of thankfulness for the protection that the Lord provided him. I went ahead and took Shepherd to the doctors and got some x-rays taken. Thankfully Shepherd only had a sprained ankle, and he started walking on his hurt ankle about four days later. He is still having a little trouble with his ankle but he is back to his happy and silly self!

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