Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Health Baby

Ever since I quit nursing Shepherd in March, he has had a lot of sickness. Two rounds, of RSV, two ear infections, C-Diff from the antibiotics, strep throat, and Stomach Flu. Prior to that, he only had one cold. If you are able to nurse your baby, give it your best shot, because it will save you tons of money on formula and tons of money on doctor’s bills! Plus all the stress that comes with a sick baby. We also found out that Shepherd is lactose intolerant.

We have finally gotten Shep well, thanks to summer and switching to Almond Milk. I have been trying to get Shepherd’s immune system built up, so we started the gummy vitamins and the gummy immune system vitamins. These things are great! The Poly-Vi-Sol vitamin drops were a nightmare, it was like trying to get your baby to swallow black tar! Shepherd even refused to take the drops in juice and applesauce. I really like the Immune system vitamins because they have 10 mg of zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. We also started doing shakes in the morning. I usually mix Soy yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, 1 probiotic capsule, and flaxseed meal. The little man loves it! Here are some pictures of our morning snack!


**Finished Product

**Happy Healthy Baby!

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  1. This is great Julia!! You wrote it so well and I loved how you added the pictures to show the process!! I was scrolling down and then got to the picture of Shepherd! It's so funny! I love it! You are doing a great job with the blog! Love you! ~ Lindsay