Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father’s Day Gift = FAIL

So, I had this burst of creativity and courage to do a finger paint craft project for father’s day. I had someone coming over to the house in about 15 minutes and I decided that Shepherd and I could make three father’s day cards (and one Ya Ya card) by the time my guest arrived. Ha! Ha! Shepherd was dressed in a cute outfit and I decided that I really did not have the time to take his clothes off. Another Ha! Ha! moment! I put a bib on him, and got the wet wipes ready to go. My plan was to be super careful, and clean his little hands up as soon as we were done. I painted Shep’s little hands, stamped them on all of the cards, wiped him clean, SUCCESS! We did not make a mess, I was such a proud mom! It was nap time, so I made Shepherd a bottle, put in a Veggie Tail Video, and propped him up on the couch. I figured I had about 10 minutes to finish up the cards, Shep could finish his bottle, and I would be done in time to put Shepherd down for his nap and my company would arrive. Yes, that could happen in a perfect world.

So about 5 minutes later, I looked in the living room to make sure that Shep was doing okay, and sure enough, he was not on the couch! I was sitting at the kitchen table and I looked down to find my little guy covered in paint!!! My sneaky little guy, snuck into the kitchen, grabbed the paper plate and paint brush off of the kitchen table and managed to paint his face, his outfit, and the floor. I just started laughing! Then I reached to grab the paint plate and paint brush from Shepherd, and the permanent marker in my hand drew a line across Shepherd’s forehead. More laughing!!! Then I heard a knock on the door, even more laughing!!!

Here are some pictures of our finished work. I am sad to say that I did not manage to get any pictures of Shepherd covered in paint, with permanent marker on his forehead, and a guest over.
**Shepherd pointing at his beautiful artwork

*Notice how Shep's lower lip hangs below his pacifier, I have no idea why he does this, but that is how he prefers his paci

**Finished Product

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