Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mother-Of-The-Year Award

Last weekend, I was officially awarded the mother-of-the-year award! I have come pretty close to receiving this award in the past, especially when I caught Shepherd about 2 months ago, standing in my bedroom with my razor in his mouth. Yes, no cap on the razor, and the blade side was in his mouth, thankfully, no damage was done. So why this weekend? Well, we stayed around in Siloam, took Shepherd’s one-year old pictures on Saturday and went out to the lake on Sunday. Shep fussed all weekend! He was just so cranky! Normally, he is a happy and giggly baby, but something was different. We were not home much and it was an extremely hot weekend, I just assumed the crankiness was due to being out of his routine and being a little overheated. We took Shepherd out on the boat for the first time of the summer, bad idea! He was not a happy camper! Sunday evening we were leaving the lake, and I finally had the bright idea to check and see if he was teething. Wow! Two of his back molars had broken through the skin, and a third was about to come through! I cannot believe that I let my little guy teeth all weekend with no Tylenol, Ibuprofen, orajel, or teething drops. We had an hour drive home and I did not have any medicine with me. So guess what Shepherd got?!! His very first happy meal, and boy it made him happy! Now, we do not believe in feeding our little guy a lot of processed food, especially after watching Food Inc. and Supersize Me. But everything is okay in moderation, right? And our little guy sure deserved a treat!

**Shepherd's first time to drive the boat! This was an attempt to make him happy.

**First time to drink a juice box, Shepherd's day is getting better


**Hooray!!! French Fries!

**The best part, the toy!

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