Saturday, June 12, 2010

D8 Night - Across The Border

Taylor and I love spending time with our precious baby boy, but it is nice to get out every once in a while and have a date night. Thursday night we decided that we were due for a date and we had quite an adventure! We decided to do something different and go to Westville, OK and eat at Phil’s Country Fare. Phil’s is a well known steak house in a town with a population of about 1,500. Westville is just across the border about 25 minutes South of Siloam Springs. I love Oklahoma, but there is something very foreign about Eastern Oklahoma. I always feel like I need to lock my car doors when driving through the small towns. Let’s just say, these towns are very different from Siloam. When I read the reviews for the Phil’s, it said, “terrible service, very red-neck, but great food.” I would have to say that the reviews were true, except for the service part. Our waitress was pretty good, even if she only had 2 top teeth. We ordered the fried mushrooms, despite our attempt to normally eat healthy, the restaurant is known for their fried mushrooms, and we wanted the full experience. We then shared a steak; it was so large that we were able to eat it for supper the next night! I thought Taylor described the d├ęcor of the restaurant very well, “Country bumpkin in the early 80’s.”

Then the night got even more interesting. We took a walk downtown and looked at all the abandoned buildings. It always makes me sad to see abandoned movie theaters in small towns. We were on our way home and found out where “Worthless” lives.

REALLY? Who paints that on their garage? I cannot imagine what our neighbors would say if I painted a donkey on our garage and wrote, “Home of Worthless.”

Then we came upon the Holy Ghost Tent Revival, they had the Gospel music blaring. There is something so small townish about an “old school” tent revival.

We finished our evening by taking a shortcut home on dirt roads and finding Taylor’s favorite fishing spot on the river. Successful date night on a quiet summer evening!

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