Sunday, March 27, 2011

Post from Taylor: Matchbox Car

Having a child has opened my eyes to see life through a completely different set of lenses. The advent and arrival of Shepherd has provided a new lens to the view of my relationship with God. In particular, how God loves me as a son and how I can please him as my Father. All my life it has been my dream, goal, and duty to raise a son to be a man of God. I had no idea God would use my dream, my goal, my duty, my son, to transform me into being more of a man of God. Since the beginning of this transformation, initiated by news of Shepherd’s arrival, I have attempted to jot down revealing experiences. Revealing experiences of how God used my relationship with Shepherd, as father and son, to expose His love, His desires, and His most treasured moments with His sons and daughters. So, begins my first blog post and hopefully not my last!
Matchbox Car
As a father, one of the days I have looked forward to for so long was the day I would walk in the door from work and have Shepherd scream from the top of his lungs, "Da-da Da-da!!!!". Then run into my arms to give me a great big huge tiny hug. The funny problem and great disappointment was I expected Shepherd to be jumping with excitement upon my entrance at a week old. So, you can only imagine the anticipation and excitement I had for this great moment in life. You can also imagine my disappointment upon 12 months of Shepherd’s existence when Shep would take a break from his activity to give me a lackadaisical “wut up” nod as I came through the door. Then almost without hesitation, he would quickly refocus his attention on playing with his toy, watching his cartoon, or eating his food.
This routine, much to my chagrin, continued to happen on a daily basis, until that one day. It was truly an unexpected and surprising day in every way. The day was mid February and the temperature was 75 degrees, the sun was shinning with no gray in the sky. I walked through the front door to hear the voices of Julia and Shepherd in the backyard enjoying their release from being imprisoned in the house by long cold winter days. I quietly stepped onto the back porch to see Julia watching Shep bent over in the grass playing with his favorite matchbox car, Buzz Lightyear, Bob the Tomato, and Larry the Cucumber. I whispered in a quiet voice, “Hey!” Shepherd jolted up with both hands high in the air, dropping all his toys upon hearing my voice. He turned around scream “Da-da, Da-da!!!” and then baby sprinted into my arms for that long awaited great big huge tiny hug.
That moment was just as good as I had dreamed for years and anticipated for all twenty months of Shepherd’s life. But that moment became so much more when God allowed me to see it though a different set of lenses. I saw a Creator and His most beloved creation. I witnessed the beloved creation playing with and loving other parts of creation more than the Creator. The view showed God faithfully and continually seeking us by whispering, “Hey!” I felt a fragment of what He must feel when His most beloved creation throws down their favorite matchbox car, their Buzz Lightyear, their Bob the Tomato, and their Larry the Cucumber to run into His arms for that great big huge tiny hug. I can’t imagine what our God feels when we glorify Him over His creation, when we worship the Creator instead of creation. It made me wonder, reflect, and ask what was my matchbox car, Buzz Lightyear, Bob the Tomato, or Larry the Cucumber? What did I worship and value more than listening to my Creator, studying my Creator, praying to my Creator, spending time with my Creator, or just simply glorifying my Creator? I encourage you to ask the same question.

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