Friday, March 18, 2011

Valentines Weekend

Taylor and I have a fun little tradition for Valentines Day. Every year we rotate who makes our Valentines and Anniversary plans. So this year Taylor was in charge of Valentines Day and I will be in charge of our anniversary. (6 years of marriage on April 30th, wow!) We love to make a big deal about these celebrations and try to really surprise each other.

This year for Valentines Day, Taylor did a great job! He surprised me with a weekend getaway that included an amazing marriage conference, a fabulous hotel stay, sleeping in, and a yummy brunch! The marriage conference was awesome and we both walked away having learned something that will change our marriage for the future. My parents kept Shepherd for the weekend and he had a wonderful time with them.

Mimi and Shepherd attending Alexander's 7th birthday

I can't believe my nephew Xander is already 7! Shepherd cried in the pool until his grandmother took off his life jacket, then he truely thought he could swim and loved the water.

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