Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby #2

As you know, baby number two is expected to arrive in mid April. We cannot wait to meet our new little guy. This pregnancy has been very wonderful! I was only nauseous week 7-10, and had a great first and second trimester. The third trimester has been a little different, I have been very tired, but that might be from chasing a toddler around all day. Overall, I cannot complain! I carried Shepherd low, but this little guy is even lower. I have had the horrible indigestion like I did with Shepherd, so I am sure this baby will have a full head of hair if the old wives tale is true. (It came true with Shepherd) This little boy is super active and is very sensitive to noise. He will wake up in the middle of the night to the train whistling and will kick for thirty minutes. I am hoping he will not be as sensitive to noise when he is outside of the womb. He also does not want me to lie on my back; he will kick me until I change positions.

Several times a week, I wake up around 4am and cannot go back to sleep. I did this with Shepherd, but it seems to happen more frequently with this pregnancy. Taylor was so kind to me and surprised me with a pregnancy pillow for Christmas and it has been a life savior! I dreaded crawling in bed when I was pregnant with Shepherd because I was so uncomfortable, but this giant pillow makes sleeping wonderful. I have such a great husband, I know sleeping with a third person (a.k.a. the pillow), is not very comfortable for Taylor.

We are so excited to welcome this new little boy that God has created to be a part of our family!

I am 31 weeks in this picture with Baby #2!

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