Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 Snow Storm

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I’m not sure what name you gave it, but we received a crazy snow of 24.5 inches one day in February. It was unbelievable! Taylor got to stay home from work and we enjoyed a morning of cooking all kinds of yummy treats and then an afternoon, playing in the snow. We cooked corn chowder, no-bake cookies, and key lime pie. (Yes, it was an odd combination of food but that is what I was craving!) Shepherd was such a good helper in the kitchen and he enjoyed playing in the snow, ok, maybe he just enjoyed eating the snow.

Shepherd is helping clean the dishes

Corn Chowder, my favorite soup!

Shepherd is choosing the recipes for us.

Taylor making key lime pie

No Bake Cookies are wonderful!

Great neighbors shoveling our snow

Snow is so tasty!

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