Friday, March 18, 2011

March: What's new with Shepherd?

Shepherd is so much fun right now! He is really starting to talk and his silly little personality is really showing. Here is a list of what is going on with him right now:

1. Loves cars and trains
2. Love animals, animal books and making all of the animal sounds
3. He is getting his last 2 year old molar right now
4. Still a great eater, and eats his veggies
5. Loves cookies
6. Can count to seven, but forgets to say number three
7. Every color is blue right now
8. Rotates his pacifier in his mouth without his hands
9. Calls his pacifier a “buyer”
10. Says please and thank you on his own
11. Wants to help mommy with any chores especially laundry, cooking, and making the bed
12. Wears size 18 month-24 month, and 6.5 shoes
13. Weighs 29 lbs, and 33 inches tall
14. Still drinking Almond Milk due to being lactose intolerant
15. Starting to really play with Paisley (our dog)
16. Calls Taylor Da da and me Mom (no momma or mommy, just mom)
17. Loves to try and make silly faces, but he is really just squinting his eyes (we laugh really hard and he thinks it is hilarious)
18. Love riding his daddy’s back and loves to wrestle with dad
19. Loves going to the church nursery and seeing all his friends
20. Loves babies! Any time he sees a baby he takes his little hands and tries to tickle the baby and screams, “baby, baby, baby!” I hope he reacts the same way when his little brother arrives.

Shepherd and his baby

Shepherd and Dad playing in a tent

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