Monday, December 27, 2010

Wright Family Christmas

My family tries to celebrate Christmas the weekend before. This year we had our company Christmas party on 12/18 and then celebrated our family Christmas on 12/19. Saturday night, I left the company party feeling a little sick but had no idea what was in store. I woke up at midnight on Saturday sick as a dog. I had a stomach bug that lasted for twenty-four hours. I have never been that sick, nor thrown up so many times in my life. I think being pregnant did not help the situation. I was so devastated to miss my family Christmas. :( I just love hanging out with my sisters and cousins. I was also looking forward to holding my new nephew Beau. Shepherd got to partake in the excitement, but Taylor stayed home with me. I was so thankful he was home, there were times when he had to pick me up off the bathroom floor after hugging the toilet and carry me back to bed. I was able to finally drink some fluids by the afternoon and by 9pm Sunday night the nausea went away. Taylor caught the bug two days later, but thankfully he did not get near as sick as I did.

Here are the only two pictures I got from our company Christmas party, I am hoping to get some more from my family.

My cousin Amy and I

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