Monday, December 27, 2010

The Cookie Monster

I know that I have discussed Shepherd's love for play dough in previous post; he spends hours each week playing with it. He rolls out the play dough and cuts out shapes with these little metal Christmas cookie cutters. One afternoon, I got the brilliant idea that we would make gingerbread cookies. I figured this was one craft project that he would love! We would roll out the dough and he could use the same cookie cutters to make the gingerbread cookies. I got everything ready while he was napping and brought him to the table and my little boy turned into a cookie monster. Instead of making cookies out of the dough, he sprawled on the table and tried to shove as much cookie dough down his mouth as possible. I was shocked! I tried getting him down from the table but he was determined to get the dough. He started screaming and the only thing I could do was put him in his high chair and cut out gingerbread men as fast as possible. Here are some pictures of him after he calmed down and ate a lot of cookie dough.

Shepherd was finally happy to eat the cooked gingerbread cookies!

A week later, I got together with some girlfriends to make gingerbread houses. We had such a fun time! I did learn my lesson from the gingerbread men incident, and did things a little differently. 1. I fed Shepherd his lunch at about 10:45am 2. I brought his portable high chair so I could restrain the cookie monster, he did not get to sit at the table with the rest of the kids 3. Since he already had his lunch, I let him decorate or should I say eat, all of the cookies he wanted.

Happy Cookie Monster!

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Friends about to make gingerbread houses!

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