Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where did November go?

What happened to November? November flew by and I cannot believe that Christmas is only two and a half weeks away! We had a very exciting and also frightening November.
Beau Rockland Aichele, my adorable nephew, arrived on 11/10/10, he was born at 9:56am weighing 8lbs 11oz. This was the exciting part of our month! The delivery process was smooth and perfect!

Here is the Big Brother/Little Brother outfits that my other sister Dana made for Beau and Sawyer! They are so cute!

Melanie and Clint welcoming Beau into the world

Look at that little angel sleeping! I made that hat for Shepherd, but he never got to wear it. What was I thinking making a stocking cap for a spring baby???

I got to keep Beau's big brother, Sawyer, for several days while Melanie and Clint recovered from the birth. Shepherd just loved having his cousin around. It was so nice watching the two of them play together and it made me realize how much fun Shepherd is going to have when his new brother arrives. (Okay, so it might be a little rough during the adjustment period)
The frightening event in November happened on 11/20, when we received a dreaded text message that said, "Dad is hurt, call me." Taylor and I were on a Saturday afternoon date, at the movie theater, when we got the message. We called my mother immediately and found out that my father had fallen off of a ladder and he knew something was broken. We immediately drove to my parent's house and rushed my mom to the hospital. At 11pm that night, the doctors decided that he broke his pelvis and things were a lot worse than they expected. An ambulance transported him to Little Rock so he could see a specialist. I notified my church to add my dad to the prayer chain and had my friends praying for him. The last thing our family wanted was for my dad to have surgery. There is a lot of risk with surgery on the pelvis because that is the area where many of your vital organs are stored. Early the following morning I got an update saying that he was going to need surgery and could be in the hospital for up to two weeks, I kept praying! Then at 10am, I got another call saying that the doctor decided the break in his pelvis did not need surgery and he was going to come home that evening!!! Wow! God answered our prayers! My father is still recovering and has endured a lot of pain, but things could have been so much worse. I am so thankful that God listens and answers our prayers.

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