Friday, December 10, 2010

Tornado in the House

Last week, Taylor and I felt like we were living with a human tornado. Shepherd went through a week long phase that rocked our world!!! He was seriously on a mission for destruction. He was absolutely crazy and neither of us could keep up with the boy. He would walk into the kitchen and in just a few minutes, the cabinets would all be emptied on the floor. I was in the bathroom washing my hands and before I could catch him, he put ornaments in the toilet, giggling as they shattered. He found a roll of Elmo wrapping paper that was stored under the bed, and tore apart the entire roll of paper in less than five minutes! The list goes on and on!! Taylor asked me one evening how I was able to handle this all day long, I let him know my secret. When I would get frustrated, I just tried to imagine Shep has a huge, teenage boy that did not want me to kiss and cuddle him. This allowed me to enjoy the stage he is in. Shepherd is not normally like this, and thankfully he has since calmed down. We do not know what got into him, but at the same time, he had a huge language growth spurt. Last week he started repeating everything you say. Shepherd has been a little behind on his speech, but after last week, he has caught up! He will now either say or attempt to say every word you ask him to repeat! He also started saying things like, "Cookie please, thank you." I am not sure if you can categorize that as a sentence, but I was thrilled! I guess last week Shepherd had a major developmental growth spurt, and we got to experience the bad with the good.

The step stool is one of Shepherd's favorite toys

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