Friday, December 10, 2010

Crazy Cousins!

Sawyer, my nephew, came for a visit while his brother was being born. Sawyer, Shepherd and Jack (my other nephew) had such a fun time playing together. These cousins will all be in the same grade and they are a bunch of cute and crazy boys. If will be so much fun to see these little guys grow up together. Here are some pictures from our visit:

Playing before bed time
Aunt Mel Mel reading to the boys right before Beau is born.

Fun in the tub!

Shepherd and Sawyer driving the car.

Jack & Sawyer now in the car

Exhausted after a long day of playing. They were watching Toy Story.

We went to the Drive Thru Safari Zoo, and yes all three boys are in my lap.

Shepherd trying to climb out of the car to get to the animals.

Please notice the sign in the background. Oops!

At the petting zoo

Ellie and Sawyer are best buds!

Cute baby monkey!

The Lemur loved Shepherd

He really wanted to eat Shepherd's shoes

Shepherd and Sawyer so excited to get all of the Toy Story toys

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  1. they still have th baby Liger! Love that place. Gret pictures!!! :)