Sunday, September 19, 2010

Loving a Small Town

We have had a fun week and weekend in the Faught home. We usually keep our calendar pretty busy, but this week has been very calm, giving us the opportunity to take long walks as a family and read lots of bedtime stories. Despite the quiet calendar, Shepherd has kept me very busy this week. He has been extra adventuresome, causing him to get into lots of drawers or cabinets that have been out of his reach and making lots and lots of messes for Mom to clean up.

Shepherd can now reach the toilet paper off of the back of the toilet. He managed to get both rolls from each bathroom and had fun in the living room. The sad thing was, I was less than 10 feet away from him and did not even realize what he was doing. :)
This week was Homecoming for Siloam Springs High School and I got to enjoy the small town event. I went to the pep-rally and parade on Friday to support my cousin Ariel and one of my high schools girls from church, Sarah. They both looked beautiful on the court and it was fun to see how the traditions from Siloam Springs High School have not changed in ten years, since I was there.

Beautiful cousing Ariel, Senior Maid for 2010 football homecoming.

Ariel and Katie in the parade

Love that my girls, Colleen and Langley, were the start of the parade. (They are the girls in the black outfits)

Taylor, Shepherd and I went out to dinner Friday night to a local pizza parlor in downtown Siloam Springs. We knew everyone in the restaurant and are friends with the owners. Fratelli’s has very fresh pizza that taste like it just came from Italy. Shepherd was too funny, he barely ate a piece of pizza, but when our dessert pizza came out, he ate two large pieces and wanted more. I justified the nutritional value of his supper, because the desert pizza has Nutella and strawberries on it. (Nothing wrong with a little protein, fruit, and carbs for dinner? Right?)

Shepherd loves the dessert pizza, just like his daddy!

Saturday morning we attended a craft event hosted by the town of Siloam Springs. Shepherd had a great time being crafty; he made a card for his Cousin Jack’s 2nd birthday, a bracelet, and absolutely loved the Play Doh!

Shepherd making a birthday card for Jack

Loving the Play Doh!

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