Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long Labor Day Weekend!

Taylor took off a few days from work so that we could have a five day Labor Day weekend. We went out to Grand Lake and just relaxed! It was very nice getting to spend a long weekend with my family. On Thursday, the Bunker family joined us for the day, Donny and Taylor went golfing at Shangri La, and Cooper and Shepherd and the moms got to play in the lake. On Friday, my family arrived and we got to enjoy the sun with the Wright, Aichele, and Graves family. The weekend was great, but on Friday, Shepherd started teething his bottom left canine tooth and he became a mess. He cried non-stop, had bad diaper rash, his little nose would not stop running and he had constant diarrhea. This was definitely the worst teething we have experienced. I only took pictures on Thursday, because my hands were full Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a sick baby. We ended up going home a day early because I was out of diaper rash cream and exhausted from a cranky baby.

Cooper and Shepherd loved jumping on the bed!

Both boys are ready to go for a swim!

Shepherd tubing with Dad

Taylor and I were able to get away and go on a date Friday night. We enjoyed my favorite dish, Cajun Fondue from Shebangs.

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